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Why Hasn't My Home Sold?

Have you had your home on the market for awhile now and nothing seems to be working to get your home sold or shown for that matter? Or your agent has tried many things and it is still not being shown? 

Currently in our area it is considered a "buyers market." What does that mean and how do you get the word out to those buyers?

What it means is that there is A LOT of inventory of properties and homes out there for buyers to choose from. In a buyers market - buyers tend to be "more picky" because there is a lot of inventory and choices and if your home doesn't stand out, and right now it tends to be the "price" that needs to stand out as well as condition - you might not be getting shown or are getting shown but not getting the offers. What can you do about it? 

Talk to your agent! If you are not working with an agent, find a local real estate agent that you trust or is referred to you or call a few and talk with them. Don't be afraid to talk to us! Call me, there is no obligation and I love meeting and talking with people all the time. This is what we do and we love to educate people of the goings on in real estate.  Do not be afraid to Strategize and find different ways to accomplish your goals. Every sellers goals and situation are different and maybe what worked for other homes will not work for yours... Maybe you can't afford to drop your price - but make sure that you are not focusing on a "need price" as opposed to a fair market price. The difference being a "need" price is something that YOU need - the buyers do not purchase homes with that theory. Truthfully and it sounds harsh - they could care less what you NEED. They are buying homes based on what the value of the home is to them in comparison with other homes -not your need. They will compare shop (just like when you compare grocery store prices). "The value of your home is what a buyer is willing to pay for it."

Ask your agent to tell you how to make your home standout. You might not like what they have to say, but you need to know the truth or you could be on the market a lot longer than if you had heard the truth and did not do anything about it.   Be pro-active as a seller. You hired that agent and they are a professional in the field so you should be listening to what they are telling you and making any adjustments necessary accordingly again to reach your goals. If you can't maybe you shouldn't be on the market right now. 

It could be the price range that you are in. Are you realistic with the price? Again not what YOU need, but what the market statistics are telling you it will sell for.  What did the market STATISTICS show? Sold properties are a FACT of what a buyer is willing to pay for a home - those are the numbers that are going to give you a solid market value range - not the sellers need out of the home in dollars. 

It could be a matter of doing something simple such as painting a room. Many many things come into play. Possiby your price range is not seeing a lot of activity in sales in your local market.  

Again, keep in constant communication with your agent. They should be in constant communication with YOU. Not just saying hello either, but telling you what IS and what ISN'T going on in the market.  SO many things to know and understand in selling your home.

I hope that some of these thoughts help you as a seller. First and Foremost TALK TO YOUR AGENT. MAKE SURE you are both communicating effectively to get the job done.  If you aren't working with an agent, please feel free to call me if you would like to hear more or have more questions.  Information is FREE and there is no obligation to talk with me!  I am your local realtor and I would love to hear from you!


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Why Hasn't My Home Sold?
Have you had your home on the market for awhile now and nothing seems to be working to get your home sold or shown for that matter? Or your agent has tried many things and it is still not being shown? Currently in our area it is considered a.. more