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Tempers rise as the Temperatures Rise...~ Stay Cool~ "BE" COOL!

Tempers rise as the Temperatures Rise~~ Stay Cool~ "BE" COOL!

tempers rise as temperatures rise

We are in the throes of a heat wave for our area with temperatures well into the high 90's and reaching the 100's by the middle of the week. I know - we're wimps here in the Pacific Northwest.use to our comfortable summer temperatures of mid 80's with a light sea breeze blowing through....

But not this week!  We have been unseasonably hot - with little to no rain (HA! And you thought Seattle was the rain capital of the world didn't you?)  Shhhh. don't let our little secret out- we really have some awesome weather to appreciate.

But as the temperatures get hotter so do TEMPERS... I must admit I do not do well in the heat. It can make me cranky and uncomfortable as it aggravates my MS and just makes me want to run and hide somewhere where it is air conditioned... I don't always have that option though so I do try and prepare for the day so that it does not make me all that cranky and I can deal with it easier.

It really helps although I admit I have to remind myself to s-l-o-w- down and be aware the heat is throwing me off....  

I know you've heard these all before but just a few brief reminders:

  • Don't hurry - you know what? whatever it is will still be there when you get there...And if it isn't, is it really worth blowing a gasket over?
  • DRINK LOTS OF WATER!!!!!! Stay Hydrated- sooo important! Tell me you haven't heard that before!
  • Eat light - heavy meals will just intensify the heat and make you feel even more like a pooof ball...
  • and Plan Time your day. Do the things outside you need to do early in the morning before the heat descends. 
  • Check on the elderly- OFTEN!
  • Don't forget those pets.... water - lots of water and a cool place to hide.... check on them once in awhile.
  • Make sure the kids are playing safe if they're playing in the water and they are supervised.
  • Lighten up on the alcohol -alcohol and heat can be an ugly combination -not just for you but for others around you! It causes dehydration too...yep I know sounds crazy...but true.

LakeLand Village WInterwonderland

Remember back to the wild, COLD, SNOWY wacky winter we had??????  

 Seeeee --- maybe this warm unusual hot weather is NOT so bad...


and as my broker said this morning - what would some people have to talk about, if it weren't for the weather?  What a great conversation starter to break the "ice."





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