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Homes For Sale in Belfair~Sitting on the Fence can be costly....

Even though there are many Homes For Sale in Belfair, sitting on the Fence can be costly....

Belfair Homes for Sale Buyers Market?

(You'd think the buyers that are still on the fence that by now their butts would hurt from those pickets as well!)....

And then there are still some that are dangling half off and half on the fence.... wishy washy...want to buy but want it there way or no way. After all it is a buyers market right? That means the buyer has the upper hand and that the buyer can make a low offer and get away with it. They HAVE to give in right? Cuz no one will buy their house if they don't right?  Cuz It is a BUYERS market right??? 


If you are hanging half off and half on the fence, you are going to lose out on one of the best opportunities to purchase a home.  Not to mention the $8000 first Time Homebuyers Tax credit if you are eligible.

That's what seems to be happening in the buyers world as of late. Buyers are frustrated because the home they just saw either already has offers on it, the seller won't move too much off their asking price, or the seller will not give you everything you asked for in your offer.

Educating buyers is a very important important part of our job.  Some of the real estate markets in the nation are no longer completely buyer markets as the inventory has decreased and buyers have started moving off the fence in certain price ranges. All real estate is local. And within the local area as well, the niche or price rangewill have it's own market as well. Belfair Homes for Sale that are stick built under the $250,000 price range that are in decent condition is becoming scarce.

Multiple Offers in a Buyers Market in Belfair, IS happening and happening alot in certain price ranges. You can't continue to sit on the fence in this market. Belfair homes for sale under $250,000  are moving quickly at close to or at their top dollar asking price.

"Well," you declare to me. "There are other sellers out there that will take my low offer and give me everything I want! It's a Buyers Market right?" Again,  NOT NECESSARILY!

Just because it is a buyers market overall does not mean it is a buyers market in your price range or for what you are looking for.

Example: Homes for sale in Belfair, Allyn and the surrounding area that are $250k and under that are stick-built and have just come on the market are scooped up before most "half off the fence -half on the fence" buyers can get their feet on the ground.  Because the homes for sale inventory is lowwwww in that price range, as well as the buyers that are out there have seen the SAME HOMES THAT YOU HAVE, the receive offers fairly quick and sometimes multiple offers.   

They are waiting for a similar home that you are looking for, but they have both feet planted on the ground and are not "half off - half on the fence."

Naturally when that one home comes on the market - BAM it is going to go with a flurry of activity.Unless you are fully off the fence, prepared and ready to get moving, you will not get the house or thSitting on the fence can be costlye opportunity. 

Ok- so now you have established that you need to fully come off the fence and get serious.  It also means when you do make the offer - you are going to need to put your best foot forward. Otherwise guess what will happen? The guy behind you that has been looking at the same thing, he gets the deal...and you lose out.

If you need help in getting prepared, finding the right home for sale in Belfair- give me a call, drop me a line or stop on by...No reason to be frustrated! If you have the right strategy, mindset and are working with a professional real estate agent who knows how to get the job done, you will accomplish your goal. Know what to expect and you won't be let down.  

  But you got to get off the fence first!




If you would like more information on Belfair, Allyn and LakeLand Village homes for sale or  Hood Canal and Puget Sound Waterfront Homes for Sale, drop me a line, give me a call, or stop on by.  You can also check out the many choices and prices on my website!


Whether you are buying or selling a home, don't put your goals off without talking to a local real estate expert with knowledge of homes for sale on Hood Canal, Southern Puget Sound as well as LakeLand Village, Allyn, Belfair and the surrounding area.

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