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Our Journey to the Road to Sun~ Day Two~Slow progress

Our journey to The Road to the Sun~Day two -Doesn't bring very much Progress -but it IS progress.

Road Trip

Our first night of camping wasn't as bad as I expected. Except for the downhill slope we were sleeping on (nylon sleeping bags and a downhill slope do not mix), MY worry of the rattle snakes, the wind, and the bird that decided at 4AM it was time to really make some racket, I made it through the night! 

Here's the link to the first leg of our trip if you want to catch up to how and why we ended up camping....

The neighbor campers were pretty impressed with the bundle of firewood my husband brought back on his bike (wish I'd taken a picture). There was actually a REAL bathroom too with running water (this was one of my pre-requisites with my husband-no bathroom - no campee for me). Thought the rattlesnakes were going to be a problem, but they kept their distance and I kept mine. We'd definitely stay here at this campground again- Make note Spring Canyon Campground- Grand Coule, WA on the will do again list.

 But it's time to go... onward to the next stop and towards our final destination -Glacier National Park.

Road Trip

We packed up the bikes. Amazing how meticulous my husband is and what he can carry on his bike. He is CONSTANTLY reminding me that he has to carry some of my stuff... and yeah he got the tent back in the same little bag that it came out of! MIRACLE! (LOL)...The sleeping bags though seem to take up more room this time packing. Ben and his kitchen sink took a little longer, but with a little help we got all his gear back on his bike as well - bungee cord hell, but dam it was secured. We were ready to roll.

COFFEEE- I NEED COFFEEEEEE!!!!! First mission of the day COFFEE!!!. Course my husband will bypass every coffee shop for miles unless I flag him down or pull over....(I usually get my way one way or another)!

We decided to head towards Bonner's Ferry, Idaho rather than going south and up.This was going to be our stopping place for the night. We didn't want to spend buco bucks on a hotel but we didn't want to camp either. 500 miles later we need a shower and a soft comfy bed....

Only 200 miles today we did. But we were wiped. Figure it was from all of that wind that was beating us to death until we got to the Idaho border as well as the hourly uphill climb trying to sleep. Plus we don't want to ride too late - too many large animals start roaming around near dusk and after... 

Time for a good nights sleep on a normal bed with a warm and soft mattress and best of all? A shower and COFFEE in the morning! WHOO HOO. I CAN SMELL THE COFFEE ALREADY!  Life's little luxuries!

Cute cute place we find in Bonners Ferry. Log cabin motel. Small family run and recently redone. We hitched our rides up by the hitching posts, grabbed us a shower, some inexpensive supper and kicked back on the patio soaking up the last of the days light. Good drink, good food, good company. Another place to add to our "we can do places" in our journeys.

Tomorrow we should reach our turn around destination Glacier National Park. I hope you'll continue to follow as we share our tale of our trip to "The Road to the Sun" and beyond.


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